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Iron Studios

IRON STUDIOS Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus - Jurassic Park Icons

IRON STUDIOS Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus - Jurassic Park Icons

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    Deadline of pre-order 10/26/2022
    ETA 10/2023 - 11/2023
    Product Name Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Icons
    Franchise Jurassic Park
    Scale Icons
    Iron Studios
    Height 9 cm
    Width 6.7 cm
    Depth 12.5 cm



    Iron Studios present their new collection "Jurassic Park-Icons", with miniature statues over stylized bases with a logo, that meticulously bring the same realistic detail in anatomy and painting seen in their larger-scale statues. Besides an opportunity for fans and collectors to expand their collections with new replicas of their most beloved dinosaurs, this new line should bring even more collectors, with an accessible cost-benefit format, both in price and in physical space, impressing with the richness in detail and the standard of excellence and quality that are trademarks Iron Studios.

    Shaking the fans hidden on its neck and hissing to announce the attack, with the ability to spit a tar poison, aiming for the eyes to stun its prey before devouring them, Dilophosaurus was the species responsible for the death of corrupt programmer Dennis Nedry. They hunt in packs while young, but only the leader has permission to slay the prey. Originally, they lived during the beginning of the Jurassic Period, before the mosquitos were confirmed by the fossil record, and with more gaps than usual in their DNA sequence, they were recreated by InGen with the Golden dart frog DNA to fill the gaps in its genetic sequence, resulting in an even deadlier creature, with traits that the original never had. Another release by Iron Studios is the statue "Dilophosaurus - Jurassic Park Icons", adding another carnivore predator to the collection.

    Presented for the first time on their booth at SDCC 2022, Iron Studios did a preview of their "Jurassic Park-Icons" prototypes. Revealed in detail on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube, this future release is already available for Pre-Order. Check out also the Pre-Order of the Icons statues of Velociraptor A and Velociraptor B - Jurassic Park Icons, and the T-Rex, Compsognathus, and Velociraptor Blue inspired by Jurassic World. Soon many other dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World will arrive to expand this collection that already has the approval of fans and collectors.

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      Dansalan Toys and Collectibles is very responsive and accommodating. I bought an item as a gift for a friend, and it arrived just in time before his birthday. I had some travel on my end, but the shop was very helpful in making it easier for me. Leaves the customers free from any worries. And the product is of superb quality, just as I imagined.

      Ian Embradura